It is autumn and I am shocked how the summer went by so fast! Well to be truth, it is the first time in years the autumn/winter didn't approach that quickly, but summer is a great time because it means, not doing anything, YOLO and enjoy the time with your friends, oh and going to the beach. 

Be and stay cool..

I love edgy outfits and a great way to not be cold in those late summer nights is to wear super cool motorcycle boots with silver details or even without any detail!

Winter clothing!

The winter is hitting hard right now and specially today since I am writing this post while in my grandmother's house with a blanket on! And that is why I am posting something super cold and winter related but I promise I will post summer stuff tomorrow lol.

I didn't mint it...I swear.

I am in love with mint colors and the more I see them, the more I like them! I remember when mint was a huge hit among other trends and it seems it is coming back for a second round! 

A trip to Italy.

I love when feminine meets romantic and sometimes casual! Every little detail adds something to an outfit, so if you feel your outfit is boring try some great little pieces! 

Outfit of The Day " Amaze me"

Yesterday me and my friends went to the amusement park and we had a BLAST! I didn't take the time to shoot outfit of the day pictures but the silly pictures in the entire entry will show you what I wore! 

Physcodellic fantastic

I love how crazy colors can be so useful in your wardrobe and how you can mix them with more crazy colors! I know that I might have posted a lot of color entries but they drive me crazy!

Winter Wish List!

Yes I promised I would do a post about my winter wishlist! So far I have bought some things and others are still in the list! If you want to read my Spring Wishlist click here.

Full of Energy!

I am a huge fan of Fuchsia, and all people say it is great for looking at when you need energy! I even remember with my bestie going through the computer at 3 a.m into fuchsia pictures to keep us awake!

It is a sky full of stars.

I love how beautiful details can bring all the attention to you. That's the key, little details mixing together to create an eye-popping outfit! 

Spring Wishlist!

It's been so long since I haven't posted some wish list! And now that my major public is in spring I decided, why not doing a Spring Wishlist even though I'm not in it!? I will post a winter one in a few days though!

Disco highlight

The moment I saw these I completely fell in love! I am a huge fan of the grey and fuchsia combination and this shoes, weren't any exception to the rule!

Outfit of the Day "YOLO" (You Only Live Once)

Yesterday the sun was shining, barely, but it was! And since Thursday I have long day classes I always get so hot inside the classroom that I always try to put on some comfy and very loose clothing! Yesterday was no exception but it definitely was way less hot than weeks behind! 

Gucci Style.

How beautiful is this bag and the whole outfit? I love the detailing of the blouse and the nice complimentary white nails!

Crazy thinking.

Pastels, neons, bright colors and cool patterns are still IN! They are so may different to choose from! weather you are feeling hot, sexy, confident or just simple, cute or plain... these are available for all those crazy moods!

Outfit of the Day "Sequin Stars"

With school I really have no time to take great pictures of my outfits! But I want to keep with this way until I can show you my other Outfit of the Day side... 

Oh my !

Something that really kills me is when I see a shoe with a big platform, and no I am not talking about wedges or anything like that this time...

Little big accessory!

I love how tiny clutches can be so functional! You might thing like, oh that clutch is extremely tiny, but actually you can stuff it with everything you need to go out and about!

Enjoy the trip with me!

So far having a great time! Now we are on the hunting for cakes hahaha! I have such a great time when I'm in the mountains! This is definitely something that I will miss when I move out to Miami!

At the countryside

I thought it was a great idea to share with you this amazing picture! I am at the countryside right now with my family and we are having a blast so far! I will be posting more pictures though!

University themed!

I know that sometime ago I've posted about varsity jackets but today I have finally fond them!

Outfit of te Day "Tribal Attention"

I love tribal and maxi skirts, what better way to have both in one?! Yesterday I posted about maxi skirts and I love them way too much.

Maxi 90210 skirt obsessed!

Maxi skirts are really a huge trend and I love them to death! You can look stylish or elegant or even auper casual just how you accessorize it.

Outfit of the Day "Pastel Inspiration"

Yesterday was my uncle's birthday so we went to my grandmother's house to celebrate it! We had a great time and here is what I wore! Sorry for not taking a pic of the top!