It is autumn and I am shocked how the summer went by so fast! Well to be truth, it is the first time in years the autumn/winter didn't approach that quickly, but summer is a great time because it means, not doing anything, YOLO and enjoy the time with your friends, oh and going to the beach. 

I love summer but I was a little bit overwhelmed with all the warm weather and I was in need of some serious cold! Now that I have it I can't wait to go to Miami in that really WARM weather hahaha. I'm amazed how fast the year is going ... can't believe in 2 months I will be back in Miami and in only 8 months I will be living there!!!!! Oh, by the way I got a job !!!!! I am so excited so that way I will save some money for Miami! 

But now going to the real subject. Summer clothing, shorts, ripped or distressed denim, big shirts or really tight crop tops, pastel colors and really bright neons, it seems that everything is in trend right now, but always remember to dress the way you want and you feel comfortable with !