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August 24, 2011

Day 1 & 2 of Miami Beach!


I am back and so the big news!

Long time no see! well we never do see each other since this is a blog on internet, but anyways! I am back in Chile from my vk's and University Hunting in MIA! and I just need to say? .. well I LOVE IT and ADORE it even more than last year and I am sure every time I go there I will be ending up loving it so much more ! 

I am going to detail a little bit more about my vk's soon, yep very soon! THAT soon that I maybe will post them today or tomorrow! because I am doing a new page! right up here where all the Home- Contact- About me, etc are! Since I am travelling a lot! and I am so sure I will keep doing it I figured out why not making a Travel Diary? where can I say my latest updates of what's going on with my trip, where you can eat, shop and site-seeing ? I made up that idea on my way back home .. well I was in the hotel but in the plane I started to imagine as a little girl!