Yep, I am still in MIA! and that's the reason why I haven't post almost any entries in August and I am afraid that won't change for at least a week more! I've been enjoying my vk's so much since the first 2 days I was sick! but that didn't stopped me to get to TJ Maxx, Marshalls, CVS, Forever21 and more! I am having the best time in here and I seriously don't want to go .. I think once more I am so determined to live here! I just love it!!! and yes, the weather that last year I hated now I am loving it so much! I am so ready to move out here.

What I am seeing all over the place are the tribal pieces! and I have to say I love that trend so much! it gives a scent of pure jungle and Savannah and so ... Africa that I just love it! I am posting this little for style since I gotta get going to shop, enjoy, rest and ENJOY again the beautiful Miami Beach!

Greetings from Miami,
RafaellaOnline !