Every single person in the world say you should have lots of basic pieces in your wardrobe! and they are so in the right path! but not all of them are 100% right! I've heard a lot of people saying, a great tank top, a good skirt, a plain short sleeve, in white or black! But the key is they don't have to be all basics!!!

I mean when do you wear a simple white short sleeve when going to party? almost never and I would say always NEVER! What you need are statement pieces in their own basic way! I mean, a cute black&white t-shirt with stripes is a great basic! is fashionable and BASIC! 

Also.. the basics (yes, sorry for saying , basic this, basic that .. I mean is the content of the entry honeys!) don't need to be black or white! they could be camel, red, pink, orange, blue and so many colors! and they can even be a two color piece!!! 

And the basics should not be just a simple shirt, a great amazing skirt but at the same time super low key! I know its hard to find! but sometimes you can! Another great option, the cardigan I LOVE them they are so basic, fashionable and comfy! they could be like the perfect piece of clothing... but my Blazers will not be replaced on the place of Number 1 MUST thing on my closet! I wish here they could sell them in every color but with good luck they only sell them in black!! ( I swear, I can't find one in White!!!!)

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