Really, the stripes are back and so are the polka-dots! But for today I'm only going to be talking about the non-flattering and flattering stripes! Why I am saying this? because we all know that horizontal lines make you look bigger while the stripes that go up or down (whatever you like lol, they are all going the same way!) make you look more skinny!

Yesterday I talked about the mixing of the textures and you can do it too with the stripes!! Actually they are like the perfect pair for a color blocking outfit but more specially the Black&White stripes! they just go with anything you want! 

I love maxi dresses, shorts, pencil skirts, mini skirts, blazers, rompers and biiiiig sweaters with this type of print! it is just too fab and classic to make it all go away from my wardrobe, though I am more fan of other prints (Yes, you are right! Animal print will never go off my 1st Place of love prints!)

Sorry for not posting anything from the VMA's I didn't had the chance to watch them and I am so short of time right now that I just had to write a short entry!