So a little update about my trip to Miami!.. I am still here I've been coughing like a dog non stop, I had fever yesterday and I can't even talk because I have a tremendous sore throat, the good news is that now  I am feeling way much better! and I've been shopping like crazy in only two days! 

I found an amazing pair of Steve Madden shoes, Chinese laundry too and a beautiful Polo bikini! of course I bought a lot more stuff but these are my little stars! and I am scared of going to Forever 21... I might buy the WHOLE STORE ... 

Since tomorrow is sunday and everything is closed in here I will go to the beach to have fun and rest from this cold .. yeeeeh, really lucky me! Time to go to bed since it is late for someone that is a little bit sick! 

I will be posting updates about my trip since I don't have any time to research for pictures and I can't find out style advice this late!