Yay ! my first post of my travel Diary! the only thing is that I will post this in the regular blog and in the page "Travel Diary" I am doing this, since if you want to comment you can't do it on the Travel Diary section, so you will have to post a lovely comment here! Starting my Day one....

It was around 5.00 am when I woke up and got ready super fast since the cab was going ot be here at 5.40 to pick us up and drive us to the airport to arrive al 6.00 am! We really went super early because we weren't that smart (me and my mom) since we never think the option of an upgrade! we just thought "we should get there really early so we can have the exit road" for the people that don't know what the exit road means (yes! sorry I never knew too since 2 years ago I think!) it is the part of the plane near the wings (you say wings when it comes to plane right?) and there you have plenty of space! it is like one row of bussiness class except you are paying the same as tourist class hahaha. We were really into the exit road since we both are really tall the plane's seats are tiny for us and are super uncomfy if we are travelling with our laptop and my huge I-Could-maybe-need-this bag! (it is a really big big big big handbag where I carry everything with me since I am the kind of person that can find a needle or something very stupid and say.. I could need this at any moment, I should bring it! hahaha)

We got to the airport on time but it was full of people, we asked for the exit road and they say we should check it out on the plane with the fly attendants.. we did and it was free until the very last moment were a family of a teen boy, old man and his wife were sitting there with their asses on our supposedly seats :(!

Since I was little I always have thought about not getting sick when on a plane because that "might be super uncomfy" well guess what! I was sooooo sick, and sick as NEVER!!! I was coughing the whole 6 hours to Colombia and the 3 next hours to Miami! So as the seemed amazing trip to the Miami, it was being a true hell! 

The second day... 
I was feeling as bad as the first day and maybe even worse! but that didn't stopped us to go shopping! we went to the CVS Pharmacy! (I wasn't smart enough to buy something for my cold) but I was enough smart to buy some make up and my Gold Holographic 3D Nail polish from Milani (which I love since the last year I saw it and didn't buy it) and also I went to the Publix for something to eat the next day and the rest of the week! 

My second day I also wanted to go to the beach, but we figured out if we went I would have ended up getting something really bad for my health and could ruin all of my vk's + University Hunting! and I don't remember what else I did on my second day in the fab Miami Beach! 

I will still be going to post all of my days! and of course I will be still writing about style and Fashion while my Travel Series! 
Hope you have a fab weekend!