The always loved hat! weather it is boho, casual or beach style I have to say I am a huge fan! I love it because it really can pull off a great outfit! It is a simple accessory but sometimes could be the so eye catching piece!

I am so in love with these great big hats!! they are just too cute for myself!! I mean, I can't even look at them because I am already falling in love! Yep, head over heels! I just adore them so much! They are perfect for summer, for winter, fall or spring, they add the simple but amazing detail you need to look absolutely flawless!

But honeys be careful sometimes, because wearing for too long will make your hair a little bit messy and sometimes you will not get the chance to fix that problem lol! but as bad as it sounds, there is a whole other way! If your hair is already looking bad, add the hat it will make all the problem disappear hahahaha!