January Favorites

Inspiration troubles

Inspiration, we all have lack of it, sometimes it is truly hard to find something you want to write about or draw about. So I gathered a few things it might help you! 

Bold Lip Makeup

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SAG Awards Favorites

OMG, before anything can we just admire the huge change Keira Knightley made with that dress!? I mean, the Chanel at the Golden Globes was an absolute FAIL but this one is, as a British would say, lovely. 

Healthy Recipes

Tiny Touches

I've become a little bit obsessed with the tiny touches you can add to your look. Dainty rings are becoming a huge thing, well, they already are, but it is one of those trends that will stay for a loooong time and it is no surprise actually, how can you not love this little details in your hands? I personally love them, but I don't wear them cause I never find in my size, sad huh? 

Cat eye eyeliner Tutorial

Below you can purchase the products used in this video!

Tattoed trend

Gold, silver, gold rose or even color! I love the variety of these tattoos, they are being super trendy right now, from Khloe Kardashian to everyone at Coachella, this accessory is a must have lately and moi is no exception ( see I am trying to learn french hahaha). I mean, I couldn't stay away from them for New Year's. 

Contouring 101

Long time ago I promised to do this post and here it goes. Contouring is a big part of my makeup routine, not because I spend hours of doing it, is just perfect to hide and show the goods and the bad. 

Fake it till' you make it.

Femme Fatale, the meaning of that, at least for me is super red matte lips with lots of mascara. There is nothing more powerful than a bold red lipstick on a woman, okay there is, confidence but if you are struggling to get there add some color to yourself and girl, fake it till' you make it. 

Parisian Inspired

Golden Globes Favorites

Versace/ Zuhair Murad / Gabriela Cadena / Michael Kors

Last night's Golden Globes really surprised me, in a good way or maybe in a very equilibrated way. When I started to watch the red carpet all the first dresses were stunning, then as the evening went on I think they were the worst. For me these are the most beautiful dresses, now al though seeing the blue all the time is kind of driving me off, but the other 3 are AMAZING. Did you noticed that the blush color was very dominant on the red carpet? 

GRWM Simple Makeup

Technakohl Liners

Yo yo yo people! I hope you are doing great. Today I wanted to share with you my lovelies a new collection from MAC Cosmetics and it is all about eyeliners. There is a love/hate relationship between myself and eyeliners but I have to be honest, when I see bold colors involve I just have to splurge and this collection is all about that. 

A little Catspiration

I've always been told I have cat eyes, like a lot of people would look my eyes when I was younger and told me I had cat eyes. I actually always loved dogs so I always said I wanted dog eyes lol. But now that I am older I understand what a big compliment is to be said that you have cat eyes.
In the summer, don't ask me why, my eyes tend to go greener than they look in the winter, maybe that is the main reason why people tell me my eyes look like a cat's and I can make your eyes look like that too! Only in the summer, unless you don't want to see a thing in the winter.

Everyday Contour and Highlight

My go-to lipliners

You can't say No. Since we all looked at Kylie Jenner Instagram photos we cannot stop thinking on how to get those bigger lips. So, I know that some people don't really want bigger lips, in my case I have very pretty lips (humble right there) but every once in a while I want them to look a little bit pouty and more voluptuous that they do alone, so with a little help is easy to accomplish this! 

Favorites of 2014 !

A few notes on a New Year

Happy 2015 Everyone, I didn't want to start the year without posting so here it goes. I hope your year is filled with love and dreams coming true, the best wishes and the most loud laughs, I really wish the stars shine on your path and your face will always smile! Let's cherish every single moment, cause good or bad we learn something from them

ALWAYS, think about what you want and don't let it go, NO MATTER WHAT! And Here is something I've realized in the past few days or months, it doesn't matter if something finished, it can always start again, don't be like okay is finished, is done, goodbye, instead, make it happen if you want it to happen, don't close your own doors, always keep them OPEN, ALWAYS. Don't close the chapters, keep them open cause you can always can go back and write them, a few notes or a tiny little message, you can always can go and change something on your life's book, every year that has gone doesn't mean you can't go back to do some things you wish you did them at that time. The time is always, THE RIGHT TIME.  

Here's to a GREAT 2015!