I've always been told I have cat eyes, like a lot of people would look my eyes when I was younger and told me I had cat eyes. I actually always loved dogs so I always said I wanted dog eyes lol. But now that I am older I understand what a big compliment is to be said that you have cat eyes.
In the summer, don't ask me why, my eyes tend to go greener than they look in the winter, maybe that is the main reason why people tell me my eyes look like a cat's and I can make your eyes look like that too! Only in the summer, unless you don't want to see a thing in the winter.

Cat eye sunglasses are one big trend that is staying for a long time now and it is one of those trends that it is great for EVERYBODY. I am no sunglasses expert but I can say cat eyes go to almost every single face shape in this world! Always try ones in black if you are not very confident about them, you will have a more sexier appeal and they also have some kind of edge so, THAT'S NICE. I bought mine at Forever21 but there are some AMAZING ones in Urban Outfitters. These sunnies go with everything so stop what you are doing and go get some!

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