Inspiration, we all have lack of it, sometimes it is truly hard to find something you want to write about or draw about. So I gathered a few things it might help you! 
Inspiration is something so... breezy like, you will never know exactly the dates you are inspired so you just have to take advantage of when that lightning comes into your head. I often see myself with no inspiration at all, that's when I decide to step off of the computer, go shopping or just look outside of my window, or even read some books, but sometimes I do the complete opposite, I stay in the computer, check almost every blog in the earth and of course I get to Pinterest to have my daily dose of inspiration, one of the best tools invented. 

You can take inspiration from quotes, sayings, people, colors, shapes, art pieces or anything really, you just need the capability of see more into the things, not just from the outside but investigate what happens in your head when you are looking at it or thinking about it. I have collected a few things that often inspire me and I hope it will inspire you!