You can't say No. Since we all looked at Kylie Jenner Instagram photos we cannot stop thinking on how to get those bigger lips. So, I know that some people don't really want bigger lips, in my case I have very pretty lips (humble right there) but every once in a while I want them to look a little bit pouty and more voluptuous that they do alone, so with a little help is easy to accomplish this! 

I wasn't going to try a $30 lip liner to not love it so I put on my hat and shoes and try to find the best drugstore lip liners on the market and I am so happy to say that I found them! The Essence lip liners are GREAT! They are very creamy, super cheap and nice color range (I have to say though it is a tiny amount but for the price is perfect).

The Number 06 Satin Mauve is perfect for darker skin tones, for me it turns a little brown and dark so it isn't quite the "nude" color or your lips but better color. I can throw myself out there and I really think this is kinda the same color Kylie Jenner wears. 

The Number 07 Cute Pink is PERFECTION, I love this color, is my kind of your lips but better color. It has a really nice color into it, I highly recommend it for people with super ultra pale skin like mine. 

The Number 12 Wish me a Rose is a great pinky nude, it has very subtle color but you can still notice is a more pinky tone than your lips, if you outline with this color you will go unnoticed and what I mean by that is you won't look like a clown, you will get away with it ;).