Happy 2015 Everyone, I didn't want to start the year without posting so here it goes. I hope your year is filled with love and dreams coming true, the best wishes and the most loud laughs, I really wish the stars shine on your path and your face will always smile! Let's cherish every single moment, cause good or bad we learn something from them

ALWAYS, think about what you want and don't let it go, NO MATTER WHAT! And Here is something I've realized in the past few days or months, it doesn't matter if something finished, it can always start again, don't be like okay is finished, is done, goodbye, instead, make it happen if you want it to happen, don't close your own doors, always keep them OPEN, ALWAYS. Don't close the chapters, keep them open cause you can always can go back and write them, a few notes or a tiny little message, you can always can go and change something on your life's book, every year that has gone doesn't mean you can't go back to do some things you wish you did them at that time. The time is always, THE RIGHT TIME.  

Here's to a GREAT 2015!