I am a tremendous Blazer lover and if I could have one in every single color, texture and design I think my life would be 90% complete hahaha. I love how these make you look super chic but at the same time super casual!

Lines, Dots and Knee high socks!

A nice way to play with outfits is combining prints and trends, the knee high socks are definitely one of my fav of all times! They allow you to play with your dresses, skirt and shorts and you can also play up in a funny way your pants!

Art of the week - Face Mask

I needed to post this as my art of the week! I love how buttons, stones and different elements make your face look super pretty. Al though is not to go out to the grocery store it can be so fun at a sleepover or a photo shoot as well. 


This has to be one of my favorite entries of all times! You cannot imagine how beautiful it looked all the pictures while I was importing them! POP of color!

Like a breeze coming...

I think I have done an entry about white blouses, but I really can't get enough of them! I love them! They can work so well with so many stuff and you don't have to worry about so many things when it comes to an outfit.

Weekend Planning- Neon Pop

I am thinking of doing a weekly post like on Thursday or Friday for the weekend. Don't understand that much? OK, let me explain you a little bit more detailed. 

Ethical Emi!

Hey everyone! I want to share with you what I recently found on twitter... and it was this amazing jewelry site that sells incredible pieces, very bohemian and unique style ! 

Black Nails?

I find toe nails painted in black really pretty, but sometimes I wonder how would they look in my feet! I am not very sure to do this, and I actually never thought I would be scared of trying nail polish! I love painting my nails but black toe nails, are something to think about.

My designer wish list from all times!!

I wanted to give you guys my opinion of some of my favorite designer stuff, this is like my one number priority shopping list (when I have the enough money though hahaha) But I wanted to share some of my designer wishlist of all times!

Gold, gold and more gold.

Since I was little my mom always wore gold jewelry because she is allergic to anything else! Then I realize my cousin was allergic to everything except gold as well! So being a very young person I always been surrounded with gold (not that literally hahaha).

Art for the week! - Rainbow colors.

I decided I wanted to do a Monday post about different arts when it comes to fashion! And to start this week off right I am posting nail stuff with different textures, colors and fun and silly designs! But this week to be more relaxed of what have been my weeks so far, I decided to go for the one color nail!

Weird, Classic, Colorful and more.

I think long time ago I haven't posted about shoes! well I have, but not in this extension! hahaha. You know that I am a shoe addict and I even have a shoe store on facebook that soon will be available in Shop section! The subject that brings us here.. Shoes....

My Over the Top Make up Tutorial !

Here is the more detailed picture of my recent make up tutorial! Hope you loved it as much as I did... it was tough but nothing too extremely!

Tweed Style!

I was wondering what to write about and I asked the opinion of my grandma what should I post about and she told me 'Tweed'  I was like.. What is that, and suddenly I remembered the tweed style and actually  I  love it a! And when she told me about the tailored suits that she love  I  knew  I  needed to post about this because  I  love them too!

Valentine's Day Mani!

Valentine's Day is coming and I am so excited because is the perfect excuse to wear all pink, red, sexy or sweet make up, nail art and fashion! Here are one of nail art ideas for Valentin'es Day that I might be copying this year!

It's all about bags!

Years to years, the most amazing accessory a woman can take with her is her beautiful handbag, wether it is a clutch or an oversize bag, this combines commodity with fashion. Lots of colors and shapes, textures and designs, but what never goes out are the designer handbags... (The entry is not all about designer bags!)

New Season... Bring on the Summer!

From Brazil with Love, Over 125 New Bikinis

Call me obsessed because you have all the right to do it. YES! the new season of swimsuits from Victoria's Secret is already here! And I want to show you my favorites and the bathing suits I would buy and would be broke if I did... hahaha.


 I saw this shoes and I had to share! OMG I love them so much! They are such a statement piece, the rhinestones, crystals, gold touches, studded heel!

Rise and Shine!

Sequin, glitter and sparkle! I love it! Gives you the perfect shine to start the day off right! Love the combo of the picture up and I absolutely adore the following pictures!

Go Bare!

OK ladies and gentlemen, I know it's been a long time... but now I am bringing to you the perfect ways to warm up your winter!

The myth about 'Casual Clothing'

Lots of people think that when someone say Casual, is all about dressing in your track suit and ready to roll ... but the truth is, you still can be super stylish when you are in casual clothes. You just need to take the perfect accessories and that way you will look, casual, stylish and the best of all  ... you will be COMFY! 

Bring the XOXO

How to keep yourself fit!

I am probably not the number one person to be saying this but I have a few tricks under my sleeve to keep fit!

Cover it up!

The latest accessory, Gloves are a perfect option if you want to look elegant and chic, they are so Paris and London like, that I am sure you will be stealing some looks with those!

Stay warm and In!

Hey everyone, I am so excited and happy !Wednesday something was wrong and I got so scared because it said that my blog was removed!!! I totally went in huge panic and started to send emails like crazy... Thank god everything is OK now and I am so ready to do a back up of this blog lol.

Neon Lights

I was listening to Neon by Natasha Bedingfield and I fell in love! This song brings me such joy and freedom feeling that I really loved! That's why I wanted to do this post full of beautiful pictures and colorful ones! Hope you love all of these colors and bring some sunshine to your life! By the way did you check out my first video? if not be sure to check it out at my YouTube Channel and also I have it above here! 

Wishlist for this 2012!

IT was impossible for me not to post a n entry in the first day of the month and specially the year! Hopefully you had a great time with your friends and family and who ever you spend the night with! I have to say thank you for the year that just went! and I am looking forward to this 2012.. lots of changes but I am so ready to it!  Take a look of what I want this 2012 !