Hey everyone, I am so excited and happy !Wednesday something was wrong and I got so scared because it said that my blog was removed!!! I totally went in huge panic and started to send emails like crazy... Thank god everything is OK now and I am so ready to do a back up of this blog lol.

don't know if you have seen my first video on youtube, about my favorite nail polishes, you can watch it here! Today I will be posting a new one by the way!

Today as I am such in a great spirit I will be posting my favorite outfit for winter, the latest trends and some advice you can follow to keep yourself warm and stylish !

So the layering never goes out! Something about layering that people doesn't like at all is that so much sweaters and camis and coats will make you look a little bit roundy! But with a cute little belt will accentuate your waist and you will look like an hour glass shape! 

Remember that black pants with black heels will make your legs look miles longer and you can do this with every color coordinating the same with your shoes! Love you guys!