Valentine's Day is coming and I am so excited because is the perfect excuse to wear all pink, red, sexy or sweet make up, nail art and fashion! Here are one of nail art ideas for Valentin'es Day that I might be copying this year!

By the way I love all of the pictures in this entry. The picture up show such a simple paint but very lovely at the same time, with lilacs, fuchsia, white and very soft pink shades of colors. Remember to do this hearts with Liner brushes that you can get on eBay and soon in my Online Shop!

I love this idea too of making all the nails red except for one and having little hearts! It might seem every difficult but it is actually pretty easy just two little drops of white and then with a very thin liner unite them together so you create the heart shape!

The stripes are definitely not my thing since every single time I do something in my nails that involves stripes the final result is a mess... but I will try this anyway... if the time is good to me I will be able to do it, if not, I will just have to wait for another year! hahaha.