I am a tremendous Blazer lover and if I could have one in every single color, texture and design I think my life would be 90% complete hahaha. I love how these make you look super chic but at the same time super casual!

You need to choose the right dress underneath, the perfect blouse and the perfect jeans or pants! Cool accessories and perfect stilettos and you are ready to go! Definetely boyfriend blazer's trend was MY trend and was absolutely MADE for me! I am tall but if I wear a boyfriend blazer without heels I tend to look way shorter so my advice is definetely wear it with awesome heels! 

I love boyfriend blazers in normal and casual colors but my favorites are black, navy, WHITE <3, fuchsia and orange or another crazy color! But I have to say, every time I talk about blazers I just get so excited the words can't come out! hahaha. That's it for today! Have you checked out my YouTube channel? If not Click Here. You can take a look at my wishlist from Forever21 (I have lots of blazers there) just click here.