A nice way to play with outfits is combining prints and trends, the knee high socks are definitely one of my fav of all times! They allow you to play with your dresses, skirt and shorts and you can also play up in a funny way your pants!

Stripes and polka dots are a fun way to experiment with prints, and a way to take them to the classier state, you can dress them up with only black and white colors! Wether they are tights or a big chunky sweater, stripes and dots really add that spicy thing to your outfit if you don't want to look too plane jane. 

And never forget that knee high socks go amazing with skirts, and if you have polka dot or stripes tights, and the knee high socks over... you will look stylish 100% ! I am so ready for the winter to come and start to wear my knee high socks that I recently bought!