I am probably not the number one person to be saying this but I have a few tricks under my sleeve to keep fit!

The most known
Drinking water, 8to 10 glasses per day will help your metabolism to burn calories (this will not burn calories by itself), it will keep you hydrated (geeatfor your skin) and it will keep you away of bad breathe (that is good) if you are not a drinking galon like me you can get use to it by drinking 6 glasses the first week and then you will start to have the habit.

Do exercise more than 30 but less 60 min!
We dont burn calories with only 29 minutes or at least not the amount we would in 45. If you are not an exercise type of person, 45 minutes is ok and if you are the exercise master you can get with the sixty minute and you will be amazing!


Chia, these are seeds, will make your metabolism raise, faster and you will be feeling more satisfied and full that eating lots of food! This doesn't have any flavor so you will not be feeling your food altered.

Hope this was useful! Have fun .