How to wear oversized coats

Tough one, if you are short these might be a big problem, if you are a little but curvier these will add volume, so let's say oversized coats are not the easiest to pull off. But luckily for you I am here to the rescue! While oversized coats are a great piece for Fall/Winter considering they are both stylish and warm (hello NYC winter) is best to say that they need a little thought while choosing your outfit.

Faux fur elements

Faux fur is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, I probably own more than 15 faux fur pieces but I only managed to bring 1 coat to NYC. Now that is a bummer, but it can also be a blessing in disguise considering I can buy way more faux fur things while in winter, in NYC. Like my parents told me to buy stuff, isn't that awesome!?

On the hunt for the perfect pair.

You might remember these booties from Zara and I love them they are absolutely my go to bootie whenever I want to go out and do something while I want to keep it casual but stylish, but these bad boys hurt so bad, like I can't go to a party with them or my feet will start bleeding, they are by far the most uncomfortable shoes ever created.