Faux fur is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, I probably own more than 15 faux fur pieces but I only managed to bring 1 coat to NYC. Now that is a bummer, but it can also be a blessing in disguise considering I can buy way more faux fur things while in winter, in NYC. Like my parents told me to buy stuff, isn't that awesome!?
And as awesome as that sound, sometimes my inner beach girl craves summer all year long, but it is time to realize that winter is here and sooner than later I will be experiencing my first snowing day in NYC. 

There is so many ways you can rock faux fur, in hats, gloves, even handbags now! and of course coats. (which might be one of my favorite pieces in this fabric). I would suggest to buy faux fur pieces in neutral tones, like grays, whites, blacks and nudes. Al though sometimes is super fun to mix up with fun colors, faux fur can be quite tricky to pull off and now imagine having to juggle between weird crazy but fun colors. I am more of a timeless classic so bring me a black or grey faux fur coat and I can style it 10 million different ways. What you can wear with faux fur? 

Leather pants/ Jeans / Pointy heels / Maxi dress /A line skirt with black tights

Need some inspiration? then scroll through this post!

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