10 Things to do in your city

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shot glasses with dia de los muertos in them

I live in NYC and sometimes I get so into my job, and don't get me wrong I love what I do, but sometimes it is hard for me to disconnect and actually enjoy the amazing city I live in. So I'm using this as my personal board saying 'Go out and do stuff' but I also want to make this as a little reminder of what you can do where you live in and enjoy your city.

Designer shoes for less

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We are all about Summer shoes this season right? Well, It is summer so it is kind of obvious. What's not, is the amount of money some designer shoes cost and they are actually so trendy that they won't work with you next year, so why spending all that money on shoes if you can have dupes or designer shoes for less if you want. The current fashion trends are...

Cop's favorite food

central park food

And certainly one of mine as well! Donuts just hold a special place in my heart and what better way to have one while strolling around Central Park? At the end of the day you will be walking a ton so those calories will fly off your body and you may be in need of one more after all that walking! 

Brunette to Blonde

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brunette to blonde

I've been thinking of going blonde for a good while now (almost 5 years?) But I am just so bad at making decisions, I'm a Capricorn what else could you expect? And the fact that Brunette to blonde is kinda risky right? So I've never made up my mind if I should go for it or not but I think I finally convinced myself of going blonde. I want to think about it a little bit more before I committing to probably 5 hours in the salon and a lot of hair treatments after that (I am quite lazy when it comes to beauty and fashion). So, should I go blonde? 

How to?

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ice cream in central park
Central Park

How to resist the hot weather? How to avoid humidity? How to stay fresh in the summer? How to get fat? How to have a little cheat day? How to enjoy the day? How to be romantic? How to share? How to!?

3 ways to be Tumblr Trendy!

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It is no surprise that I am obsessed with tumblr, often I see myself going to my laptop to something specific to just end up infinite scrolling tumblr for hours. And of the main things that I love about it, is the picture perfect everything seems to be so today I am going to share 3 ways to be on trend tumblr style! 

Let loose!

Marquee nyc club, marquee nyc, clubs in new york
marquee club nyc
Marquee Club in Manhattan
I know, I know. I live in New York and I haven't done a NYC guide at all. weird.  Anyways it might be that I just don't have the time or the money (Hello little online shopping devil). But what I can tell you guys about is something pretty cool. My favorite spot to go out, Marquee. I have such a great time dancing, enjoying my own company and others! Seeing how everyone is laughing, drinking too much sometimes,  and just relaxing in this busy city is somehow therapeutic. 

A little happiness

Summer nails 2016
Summer red nails

Long time no see! I've been so drowned into this NYC life that is already driving me crazy, and it is true I have my ups and downs I am really struggling with life here, like asking myself is this what I really want? Am I feeling good here? those little burst of happiness are what happiness and life is all about or happiness is much more? Anyways. I great way to cheer me up of course is doing my nails.