The Academy Awards 2011

So I decided to do something different since yesterday I didn't tweet about the looks! But I found stunning pictures! and I decided I will put the Golden Globe Awards picture and then the Oscar one... so we are all going to know in which event they looked their best! Here we come!

Jennifer Lawrence:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:

The Academy Awards 2011:

jennifer lawrence 2011 oscars 03
I have to say that at the first time I saw her on the red carpet in The Academy Awards, I was disspaointed I really didn't liek the dress, I mean is too simple for my taste, but I ahev to say the make up is so beautiful and the color of her hair is stunning with her skin color, tho I would have pull her hair up and making like a high bun or something like that.

Anne Hathaway:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:


The Academy Awards 2011:

anne hathaway oscars red carpet 2011 05

Wow I have no words for this amazing dress, is simply stunning, she looks amazing and gorgeous and absolutely stunning, nothing to say I just loved the whole look! HIT for both Golden Globes look and Oscars!

Hailee Steinfield:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:

The Academy Awards 2011:

hailee steinfeld 2011 oscars 03
She is 14 or 15 I don't know but she is definetely being a little girl, I don't like the dress that she wore, I would have make it a little bit longer .. like most of the dresses are... but is her choice for me was MISS MISS!

Michelle Williams:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:

The Academy Awards 2011:

michelle williams oscars 03
HIT 100%! and MORE!
Wow, Wow, Wow, what can I say!? She looks stunning, amazing I just looooooooooooooooved her dress, I mean look at the dress she wore at the Golden Globes and this one, there is no comparison and I mean there is NOT COMPARISON, she looks amazing, stunning! I loved how she pulled it off!  The hair and make up looks just perfect on her loved the way she dressed! 

Mila Kunis:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:


The Academy Awards 2011:

mila kunis oscars 03
I love the style that she wore, the lavander color looks perfect on her skin, tho the hair is not so good for my opinion, I would have loved to see her with a pretty bun or her hair pulled back to see her entire face, but she looks flawless!

Natalie Portman:
Golden Globes Awards 2011:


The Academy Awards 2011:

I think the dress is absolutely pretty, she looks super cute just like a little girl specting a little baby, her body looks amazing, her figure is absolutely stunning, I mean almost every pregnant girl gets a little junk in the trunk! and I think that is totally fine cause that is part of being a soon-to-be mommy! But she looks flawless, the hair looks pretty! But the thing I would have done is the dress a little longer... but it is totally fine! I loooooooved it! definetely a HIT! 

Hope you guys had fun reading and I want to hear your opinions aswell! so comment below or tweet me and follow the blog! Today I will post my surprise ! well I hope, and I will be posting more looks from yesterday's Red Carpet of The Academy Awards 2011


The Beauty thing you NEVER should do!

Ok, lately I've been going through different fashion and beauty websites like mine! and I did found one that It made me very concearned! I will not tell the name of the blog because I don't want to provocate negative energy since I am so in the positive thing!

But the thing is You girls never have to buy used make up! That is not alright! actually if you see in many of teh eyeshadows they bring a little sponge to blend the shadow in your eyes, and that make up tool is super dirty! and with dirty I mean that you use it like 5 times and it storages different bacterias that aren't good for your skin! That's why I highly recommend to use the brushes! they are super hygienic and they will make your make up look more beautiful!

If you don't believe me here is a try, if you have very oily skin, in your powder you will look that after 2 or 1 week after using it the powder it has like a different tone... like at the back is very light like pale color skin, and in the corners it has a little darker tone.. that my girls is the oil of you face, is not bad for you cause you already have it... but for other people that can bring many bacterias in their skin!

That's why the make up NEVER SHARES!!!! and call me selfish or whatever, but your make up is YOUR make up! it is only for you, if you used it, it will be only used by you (It should) So please my stylish readers take this things in your minds and not buy used make up! (Of course you can use nail polish by the wa)

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Well if you guys have seen my twitter you will know that lately I've been so obsessed with Tumblr!!! But the thing is I am having a personal one.. so it is like a Personal Diary or like my Journal that's why I am not prepare to share it with you guys! But as I think that is not fair .. like me tweeting about my amazing tumblr and you guys knowing nothing... NOT COOL! Thats why I decided to make a Tumblr for TheStyleStash !

Well the only thing I am going to be doing is just posting different pictures that I found in other people's Tumblr! I am going to Reblog them.. that's how you call it :)

Well saying no more this is the website : I just created it today so I will be putting all my effort to customize it very cute as TheStyleStash is! Go ahead and if you have Tumblr! follow me, ask me something, or let me know about your blog ! and I will be happy to hear form you guys!

Saying another amazing thing, is that this Monday I will have a great surprise... something that I've been saying that I am going to do but I haven't had the time to ... but this Monday be prepare you guys cause I have the feeling you are going to love it! Hope everything goes well for this Monday and Take care Guys&Dolls :)! Don't forget to comment below the entries! I am missing my comments people! hahahaha, becuase If you do I will know what you are liking and what you are not ! Thanks again and don't forget to follow the blog, follow me on twitter and keep comenting! Oh and now Follow me on Tumblr :)!


Make UP! Strong Eye Liner!

Ok, recently I've been super Accessories, accessories and more accessories! and I thought why not changing a little bit? That's why I decided to come up with a very stron eyeliner! Well I don't know if I've said it before but I will say it anyways! I loooove with the bottom of my heart the heavy and strong black eyeliner!

I think it gives you such an incredible power over th eother people, you stand out more, you can feel much more confident and you also will look more sexy! I  mean this is what every girls want! Of course I love the light eyeliner but I really adore this one!

Maybe it sounds a little bit non sense because I don't use eyeliners... at all, or very little like once in a year. I have to say I am not that Make Up girl, tho I love to have all my collections like eyeshadows, blushes, foundation, mascaras, nail polishes (in this terms you are talking with an expert lol). But I definetely love some trends and I try them too! 

So I decided why not posting about amazin strong eyeliners? Becuase I posted so much about accessories and that stuff, BY THE WAY! I will be posting some looks under $100 USD in Forever21 store! and that includes the hole look even the accessories hahaha.

I think I've written too much accessories in this entry huh? Well it doesn't matter we are in The Style Stash and everything related to fashion, style, make up, trends and health and much more stuff, must have a place here ! 

Back to where we were... Strong Black Eyeliner! I have favorite brands and favorite types of eyeliners! In the picturess below are my favorite types and brands of Eyeliners! Enjoy XO !

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner TOP#1
Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Perfect Blend Eyeliner by CoverGirl 

MAC Gel Eyeliner

MAC Eyeliner Pencil 

Hope you girls loved it! 

What is comming for Winter 2011!

I know I am hurring up too much ! and I don't want the summer to be over too!! But I have to post this entry cause I have to say I love teh winter Fashion! Is just amazing, more accessories, more shoes, more bags, scarves, leggings, pants, panties, Everything! now is the time you can put on boots, pants, shirt, another shirt, a sweater and then a jacket!

coats Exclusive Coat In Celebrity Kate Hudson Style

It is the only time you can put together so many different stuff! And all because it is freezing out there! Well what is really coming this Autumn/Winter are the grey, the pinks, the peach adn the black! Well so many others but these ones are the most!

Now the leather jackets, the capes and the patterned sweaters ! Talking about shoes, boots and boots and more boots! Now they are so IN! you must own a pair of boots if you want to look super fashion in the city!
The perfect colors are, black, grey, brown and white.

They could be knee high boots or over the knee, thigh high boots or just ankled ones! You just need a pair of boots! and if they are heeled boots BETTER! also the whool hats are so hot! plus! they will make you super warm through this winter ! 

celebrity winter street fashion

IF you are from a country that is going to be soon in Spring/Summer dont worry! I will post the trends of the Spring/Summer 2011 too!! just keep checking and don't forget to follow me on twitter and keep an eye on the Shop button! 


Shop Updated!

So guys I was looking yesterday and suddenly I went to Statistics and found out that my most read pages was Shop! and I went to the page and really didn't like it at all... So I decided I should post some accessories that I am selling as a brand of The Style Stash.
So go and check out the Shop Page !!!!!

What are you waiting for for this amazing accessories?

Crosses are Kicking!

The title explains it all! Yes lately I've been super obsessed with accessories since they can change your whole outfit! What designer say is: " An accessory can make or brake you rcollection down the runway" And it is so true! Well As you all know I am a huge fan of the  Forever 21 store and I am more obsessed with their accessories!

An the other day I was searching (very late by the way lol) in their website Forever 21 and suddenly see all of this amazing necklaces! And suddenly something catched my attention! The crosses are really kicking in right now! I selected the most cheapest ones! but there were lots of them! I become quite interested on this amazing accessories that for sure the time I land in Miami this year I will buy them all ! hahaha

The price of the crosses go from $1.50 to $5.00! SUPER CHEAP HUH !?

jessica alba hot seexy beautiful pics photos blonde blond hair cut style cross necklace highlights honor baby cash warren celeb gossip blog news chica inc

I hope you loved this!