I am obsessed with this movie, I haven't watch it but when the trailer is on the only thing I want is to watch it online, but I am waiting to watch it at the cinema. The thing that really cautivates me is how pretty the costumes are! The pinl the black the sequins the shows everything i love it so much!!

As I posted before I absolutely love sequins and in Burlesque this element is a must! The costumes are so well done that is fantastic and it makes me want to wear those little bras and skirts in my daily life (of course i am not going to do that but it really pops in my head lol).

To accomplish all of these looks simply by adding sequins to an old one piece bathing suit and adding a little skirt to make it a little bit more conservative!

The hair can't be out of the look, there are 2 great opposite styles the super straight hair with bangs or the super curly hear without bangs, for blondes i think is sexier the curly hair and the brunettes, the straight hair is super cool.

Hope u enjoy this lil how to Burlesque theme and hopefully u enjoyed the pictures take care and dont frget to comment guys :)


RafaellaOnline !