So I was reading through the internet and I found something so funny ! and true for what I've heard! Later from the Today show, Kim & Kourtney Kardashian were interviewed by !

I found an amazing question that the guy did to the K sisters and It was who they prefer most ... West or East coast guys... and guess what the sexy bombshells said!

"..Guys in LA Think they're really cool, but guys in New York ARE really cool"..-

Also the interiew was so fun and great! another thing that I loved that the PopEater that ask about Kim K Single girl mode! and how Kourtney would ditch her as soon as her friends [Kim's] show up! 

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian posed for a photo during Kim's very first subway ride on Friday.

I think the interview was super cute, funny and best of all real! they were having a great time! and If you want to see the hole interview click here. 

Hope u enjoy it!
Goin to post another entry later today! ( I hope!)

Greetings from Brazil!
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