I am loving so much Brazil and I've been constantly looking the latest trends that Brazil offers. The first thing I really noticed is, If you ever been in Brazil you will know that there are lots of people selling things in the beach !

Well when I was noticing that a guy was walking full of Bikinis something really captivated my eyes. The Bandeau bikini is so common and trendy here! every single woman has one! and of course I couldn't be out!

Well, this guy was full of bikinis but only with Bandeaus! and that is really interesting because now everything makes a story, every single woman on the beach has one and why ? because the sellers on the beach only sell this bikinis! (By the way! they are super pretty, I've never seen such before!)

P.S: If you want to know more about bikinis, and my favorite Bikini/Lingerie Brand Victoria's Secret go to their website or read  Bikini Frenzy .Also if you go to the Tags at the left side of your computer! And also if you haven't noticed, you can translate the blog in other languages! at the top with Google Translate ;)!

Hope you guys loved it! 
RafaellaOnline ;) !