As everyone knows I am in Brazil that's why I am not posting lots of entries per day and neither I am tweeting about my blog! I am super sorry for this! But I deserve this vacations and I needed them! Lately since the internet is amazing now and I have it in my hotel room I will be able to post much more entries and do plenty of stuff !

That's why Brazil inspired my to post more pictures taken by me and add more things into my blog such as: Outfit of the day! my favorites and somethings like that! but only with pictures taken by me :) !

Doing my nails rally encouraged me to buy a new tripod for my camera and starting to make some Outfit of the Day and stuff like that!
P.S: In these pictures DulceCandy87 beauty guru appear, all of these I took them from her amazing blog ! she is such an inspiration to me when it comes to style and pulling clothes and fashion together !