I know I am hurring up too much ! and I don't want the summer to be over too!! But I have to post this entry cause I have to say I love teh winter Fashion! Is just amazing, more accessories, more shoes, more bags, scarves, leggings, pants, panties, Everything! now is the time you can put on boots, pants, shirt, another shirt, a sweater and then a jacket!

coats Exclusive Coat In Celebrity Kate Hudson Style

It is the only time you can put together so many different stuff! And all because it is freezing out there! Well what is really coming this Autumn/Winter are the grey, the pinks, the peach adn the black! Well so many others but these ones are the most!

Now the leather jackets, the capes and the patterned sweaters ! Talking about shoes, boots and boots and more boots! Now they are so IN! you must own a pair of boots if you want to look super fashion in the city!
The perfect colors are, black, grey, brown and white.

They could be knee high boots or over the knee, thigh high boots or just ankled ones! You just need a pair of boots! and if they are heeled boots BETTER! also the whool hats are so hot! plus! they will make you super warm through this winter ! 

celebrity winter street fashion

IF you are from a country that is going to be soon in Spring/Summer dont worry! I will post the trends of the Spring/Summer 2011 too!! just keep checking and don't forget to follow me on twitter and keep an eye on the Shop button!