We always look at Megan Fox and yes, we have to admit she is a bombshell !! But now she is saying that she wants to get in a size 0!?!?!?!??

The thing is and I just found out yesterday that in the actors career, you should be a little bit short, and very have to be very skinny and beautiful! That's why our sexy Megan Fox is loosing weight!!!!

I think she looks amazing they way she is and she shouldn't loose more weight because she doesn't need to! She is just perfect! but I wanted to know the real reason why she was loosing weight and it was because she doesn't want people to think she is only a hot sexy girl and not a real actress, that's why loosing weight it will help her to people take her more seriously.

Dear I take you seriously with boobs and butt or without it, I just think she doesn't need to.