Well if you guys have seen my twitter you will know that lately I've been so obsessed with Tumblr!!! But the thing is I am having a personal one.. so it is like a Personal Diary or like my Journal that's why I am not prepare to share it with you guys! But as I think that is not fair .. like me tweeting about my amazing tumblr and you guys knowing nothing... NOT COOL! Thats why I decided to make a Tumblr for TheStyleStash !

Well the only thing I am going to be doing is just posting different pictures that I found in other people's Tumblr! I am going to Reblog them.. that's how you call it :)

Well saying no more this is the website : http://fashionhotcrush.tumblr.com/ I just created it today so I will be putting all my effort to customize it very cute as TheStyleStash is! Go ahead and if you have Tumblr! follow me, ask me something, or let me know about your blog ! and I will be happy to hear form you guys!

Saying another amazing thing, is that this Monday I will have a great surprise... something that I've been saying that I am going to do but I haven't had the time to ... but this Monday be prepare you guys cause I have the feeling you are going to love it! Hope everything goes well for this Monday and Take care Guys&Dolls :)! Don't forget to comment below the entries! I am missing my comments people! hahahaha, becuase If you do I will know what you are liking and what you are not ! Thanks again and don't forget to follow the blog, follow me on twitter and keep comenting! Oh and now Follow me on Tumblr :)!