The perfect opposites ! Black&Gold are a combination to die for! I absolutely love this type of touches! specially in bags or lugagge. It makes you look so sophisticated but you have to make sure if the gold is not too yellow because that way it will look cheap.

The thing I actually love in black with gold accents is the Chanel bag below. I've posted some of my favorite handbags and this one is definetely in my top 5! The thing i just adore are the gold touches!

Also the gold touches can be in any type of color such as gray, turqoise, pink/fuchsia, green, navy blue or just the simple blue... In every color thw gold touches it will look amazing!!

Also the fashion and make up with gold touches are super fab! In case of make up, the gold touches are super edgy as you are not afraid of nothing! An if you have even a blak eye shadow you will look so edgy! That everyone will stwal your fabolous look!

Finishing with the fashion and the shoes, in fashion as i wrotte before i love sequins and imagine yourself in a black sequined dress with gold touches! Amazing right ? The type that i love is the dress that Taylor Momsen is wearing! And now the last part, the shoes, the Stilettos!

 The gold touch at the platform is to die for! Tho you will have to look very elegant, fancy and classic/glamorous to wear this shoes cause if you are in daisy dukes and you wear them you will look so cheap!

Hope you love it!
Greetings from the amazing Brazil!
PS: i just wrotte 3 entries so now we have 3 days with entries for sure!!