Ok, lately I've been going through different fashion and beauty websites like mine! and I did found one that It made me very concearned! I will not tell the name of the blog because I don't want to provocate negative energy since I am so in the positive thing!

But the thing is You girls never have to buy used make up! That is not alright! actually if you see in many of teh eyeshadows they bring a little sponge to blend the shadow in your eyes, and that make up tool is super dirty! and with dirty I mean that you use it like 5 times and it storages different bacterias that aren't good for your skin! That's why I highly recommend to use the brushes! they are super hygienic and they will make your make up look more beautiful!

If you don't believe me here is a try, if you have very oily skin, in your powder you will look that after 2 or 1 week after using it the powder it has like a different tone... like at the back is very light like pale color skin, and in the corners it has a little darker tone.. that my girls is the oil of you face, is not bad for you cause you already have it... but for other people that can bring many bacterias in their skin!

That's why the make up NEVER SHARES!!!! and call me selfish or whatever, but your make up is YOUR make up! it is only for you, if you used it, it will be only used by you (It should) So please my stylish readers take this things in your minds and not buy used make up! (Of course you can use nail polish by the wa)

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