Small size fits all

Quick story, when I was younger I used to hate wearing bags, like there wasn't nothing I hated the most than going out carrying a bag with my wallet and stuff, so I always made my mom carry everything for me and to be honest, until this day, I keep doing it but something slightly change... I love shopping for bags! They all have something unique in them so I am naturally attracted to them, waiting for the right one to scream at me saying: TAKE ME! Which 70% of the time I have around 5 that scream at me and that is too much so I have to do the hard thing, choose between one or the other.

A litle wander

So the other day I took advantage of the sun and went on a little wander around the city, which little is definitely not the right word to use because I walked a ton all over downtown manhattan. I ended my day at the Flat iron district, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the entire city. 

A cold welcome

Hello from New York City! The city that never sleeps, and that is true since I've been waking up at 7:30 am everyday ! (what!?!) Anyways, I am still getting used to the city taking in consideration it's been a while since I haven't been here and transitioning from a super hot summer to a very cold spring has been tough to say the least! I am getting ready to explore more of New York  ( you know, my regular areas, SoHo, Central Park, Chelsea, etc) so I can post more about this wonderful city! Enjoy these pics from a very cold day in NYC! 


All of my weekends have been amazing. And this one was a little bit more special since it was my cousin's little girl's bday party! It was Ballerina Themed and let me tell you, preparing everything for this party was so fun and cute! I mean, who doesn't love pink in a bday party? 


One of my last weekends in Chile couldn't have been better! From having a super sweet watermelon to playing with a shotgun this weekend was all about enjoying summer and spending time with my family. I have to say I adore New York and the #citylife, but the mountains have been a deep love of mine since I was a little kid. That's definitely something I'm gonna miss about Chile. 

Chanel #PFW


Chanel never disappoints me. I mean. Look at that awesome design! Another stunning Paris Fashion Week thanks to Chanel and its tweed tradition. Also, great trends coming up! Victorian style is one of my faves! More on the blog soon!

Paradise on earth

Have you ever heard the quote If you want to know where your heart is...look to where your mind goes when it wonders. Every time I'm on tumblr I see myself infinite scrolling for beaches or cities around the world, but mainly salt water. And as much as I love the city life, sometimes as I describe it myself, Miami is my paradise on earth and at some point of my life I might have to go and live in that paradise.

Less commercial more editorial

You can't say these pictures are not inspiring! aaaghh I die for this Inez & Vinoodh shoot for Vogue. Lately as I've been posting before, I've been thinking how to change my style while still being true to myself and how comfortable I want to be which is a struggle in itself. But I've been thinking I want to dress more editorial-like rather than just t-shirt and jeans and cool pairs of shoes.