Quick story, when I was younger I used to hate wearing bags, like there wasn't nothing I hated the most than going out carrying a bag with my wallet and stuff, so I always made my mom carry everything for me and to be honest, until this day, I keep doing it but something slightly change... I love shopping for bags! They all have something unique in them so I am naturally attracted to them, waiting for the right one to scream at me saying: TAKE ME! Which 70% of the time I have around 5 that scream at me and that is too much so I have to do the hard thing, choose between one or the other.

Now, talking about THIS bag... isn't it dreamy? Since last year I've been obsessed with the micro céline bag, and when my roommate at FIT had one I was even more obsessed with it. And until now I was looking for something similar, small, that fits all, cute and versatile. And guess what! I found it! and here I have the gift the god of fashion gave me, this Accessorize handbag, which is my dream come true in a handbag because we've got the black, the strap, the size (small fits all) Aaaaand... stay tuned for more surprises from Accessorize! ;)