2015 Most read posts!

Weird for me to do 2 posts in one day but I thought it was a good idea to recap on the most read blog posts of 2015! And I also want to start fresh in the New Year so that's the main reason why I am posting it today. 

NYE last minute outfit ideas

Wow NYE! If you still don't know what to wear here are some ideas you might want to try! I wish your 2016 to be an amazing year and I hope you have fun tonight!! LET'S PARTYYYY!

Little Italy

Little Italy, it makes me think of my roots because if you don't know all of my family comes from Italy but surprise surprise, I don't love pasta, I mean I like it but it doesn't drive me crazy, Lasagna on the other hand... damn I love that. LOVE people! Anyways, back to the point of this awesome neighborhood which feels like you are in Italy at night, with cool lights all over the streets and every single man outside restaurant shouting buongiorno or buonanotte with the hopes you choose their tables to get food and enjoy a magical evening in what seems to be another country inside the city.


Since going to New York and getting out of my comfort zone I've been into this more brave attitude in life and I have to be honest, I always been considered brave but with some things I am extremely coward which is nothing bad, I just don't have that adventurous mind. But New York sure changed that in myself that's why I am considering getting ear piercings, but lots of them. 

My beloved SoHo

I am exhausted if not bored of reminiscing so much about NYC but what can I say!? I love my city, I love the place I live in and I cannot be more excited about the future and present that I have right now. One of my beloved neighborhoods is definitely SoHo.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you for another great year here at TheStyleStash.com and for following me, reading my posts ( we all know I've been lacking a little) but I appreciate every single comment and person that writes me because of TSS! Cheers to another great stylish year! And as a gift I gathered some AWESOME deals for you to shop today (We all know you want to spend all that money dad gave you!). 

Gift guide for Home

Bad idea to do this gift guide because now I want everything for me!!!! All of the things are so pretty I am in love, specially with this terrarium thing or whatever it is. Sometimes when you don't know what to give someone just opt for something for their home, analyze what they like and the decor of their home and you will be good to go and who wouldn't love any of these items !?!

Gift guide for Him

Men in coats.

Don't they look amazing in long coats and hats? That's definitely my style of man. And to be brutally honest and selfish, all of this was created for my dream man's style. The shoes, the coats, the sunglasses and the perfume bottle (cause I've never tried it before). 

Gift guide for Her

I am here to help today! (and the next days too). I decided it was time, since we are running out of time, to create a Gifts guide for her this Christmas. I honestly don't remember if I've done these before and I am to lazy to go on my archives and search, I guess they say "Out with the old in with the new!" So I am going to share my faves to give this season. 

Comfy love

Net a Porter is by far one of my favorite websites when it comes to designer pieces. And their SALES are always amazing, but to be honest I never saw a SALE this good. Lately I just want to buy all the sneakers on earth (tbh I only own like 1 pair or 2) and also I've been eyeing those Nike airmax 90 for a while now! And look at this! All these sneakers are almost like 50% OFF! isn't that amazing and way better than a Black Friday deal with a 2 hour line and tons of people fighting over things!? Head over to Net-a-porter right now! 

Time to shine!

With my last post is time to prepare ourselves for the festivities! What are you going to wear? Black or Gold? Some colors maybe? Sequins and Glitter? or something more classic? All of this is super simple and I am here to help you!

Santa's helpers!

OMG can you believe how fast the year passed by? Can you believe Christmas is a couple of days away!? Surreal, I know, I still can't believe Christmas is just around the corner and so NYE and my birthday (that's the exciting part!!!). But today is all about you guys, I am here to help you with stocking stuffers and christmas presents, let's make this easy! (all of these are under $50!)

Holy grails

I know I've been the worst blogger in the history of blogging, but New York just suck me into that fast pace and made me wander every single minute in what great city I live in. Now it is time to share some of my beauty essential who have become my holy grails with the years. 

Museum of Feelings

Museum of feelings. More than experimenting feelings in a museum, I felt everything throughout the whole day. I enjoyed great food, company and many laughs with my best friends who are my chosen family in New York City. Honestly I could not be more blessed. This year has been a total struggle but everything that has taught me is truly invaluable, I learnt and lived things I cannot buy with all the money in the world and although God took away from me one of the most important person in my life, he gave me some other great people who I believe and know will have forever as my friends. 

Thoughts on the last chapter

Okay, okay. December has officially arrived and that means the last chapter of the book of 2015. And with that is time to look back into the year that is going to an end. While I am listening to a song from Amelie (yup, the movie I haven't seen) is kinda depressing but exciting so I am going to put it like rather bittersweet.