Time to talk about beauty, so first let me put this in the clear side.. I love black and bold colors look great on me! That's why my New In is the Kat Von D lipstick studded kiss in SLAYER. This is a black lipstick. WOW. shocker. I know.
To be honest bold colors and specially dark ones look so great on me that I've been eyeing this color for YEARS and finally when it was my birthday I decide to go for it, the only down side is that came a little loose so I will have to apply it with a brush, other than that I LOVE IT. 
The pigmentation is amazing, it gives you that matte super strong black color and to be honest I always had that goth thing inside me, even when I was a kid I loved black clothes and I think a black lipstick gives you such a cool edge! you should deifnitly have to try it!

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