This is not what I normally go for but I thought it needed to be addressed. Today I am giving you recommendations on a personal favorite book I bought when I was in Paris. the book is called Parisian Chic by Ines De la Fressange, if you love fashion as much as I do this book is totally for you. 
The book is perfect if you want to know where to shop and what to shop for when you are in Paris and how to essentially live the Parisian life. Is super easy readable book (is that even a word?!) I loved it and I can say I read it in like 3 hours when I was on a plane on my way to Prague (and of course when I came back).
Ines De la Fressange was a model and previous face of Chanel so if anyone is allowed to teach us the french lifestyle, she is more than capable. With a chic and simple style Ines is perfect to write about the iconic piece you must have in your wardrobe. I highly recommend this book, is similar to the Lauren Conrad one but more into French style. A must read I would say.