Thank you 2014.

Huge THANK YOU to all that made 2014 one of the best years. Thank you God, thank you people, thank you mom, thank you dad, thank you grandma, thank you universe, thank you to EVERYONE. I will never forget this year, since it has a huge milestone on it... Me and my grandma went for 2 months to Miami, which was a trip like best friends, we laughed, we fought and we had THE BEST TIME of our lives! Here's to a 2015 full of trips, health, money and great wishes TO ALL OF YOU! 


2014 on a Playlist

2AM by Raven Justice, Adrian Marcel x sage the gemini, is one of my faves! Such a great song! it just puts you in the mood! 

Wow, 2 more days and the year is over for ever, ever, ever. How crazy is that? I can't believe how fast the years are going! Can you imagine that 2014 will never be, anytime, again? Wow. Anyways, with the year going is time to do my annual Playlist! These are the top songs that help me go through the year in a nicer way! Tell me which ones are your faves! 

A Rolex way

Oh Rolex. I love huge watches in gold, rose gold, silver and white, they have something that attracts me to them and I just adore how classy they look. For me a watch is a staple in any outfit, is a way of expressing my inner english girl (I don't know why lol) and it can be quite tricky to get them to look just perfect! That's why I am sharing with you a cool idea on how to pair a classic silver Rolex! You can find these and more women's watches at Invaluable 

Top 5 Products for NYE Party

I hope you like the video! Top 5 products for the New Year's eve parties!!! They last a long time, pigmented and very beautiful ;). 

A nice Christmas

Can't believe where the year has gone! Christmas is over, NYE is next week and my birthday (which should be the world's biggest celebration is in 2 more weeks, 8th January for those who don't know). I lacked on posts because of my messy computer, with Christmas, all of that will change thanks to the awesome gift myself and my dad gave to me lol. But for today I am sharing what was my makeup and hair for Christmas! 

Chelsea boots

Super MIA, all over again. I can't catch a break here. Well, I decided to post about my favorite , one of my favorite type of boots, the Chelsea boots and there goes a lot of boots. They are perfect for winter to look stylish, edgy, with that Harry Styles impression and comfyness, also they remind me of The Beatles ( and I don't know if they wore these kind of boots). 

Modani moodboard

Today I wanted to share with you a little moodboard/idea of a living room. Modani contacted me to do this (nothing exchanged here lol) and I always had a love for decor so I decided why not! 

The perfect gift bag

Yes, I know I am all about Christmas lately and I can only blame my shopaholic inner self for it (obviously having in consideration the true meaning of this holiday!) My mom put together this AMAZING girly gift basket specially to give to the women in your life! All of these products are in every single part of this world, well not all but a lot and you can also get them at Farmacias Ahumada here in Chile. 

Christmas Makeup Tutorial

New Christmas makeup look is up on my Youtube Channel! This make up look is the common rule for me when it comes to Christmas, bright red lip (though I don't think it suits me that well), glittery gold eye shadow, simple eye makeup and lots of sparkly clothes! For Hair inspiration you can check out HERE and for outfit inspiration for Christmas you can click HERE

Christmas hairstyles

Everything is getting too Christmassy right? Well my blog is no exception. I hope you find some inspiration on these images (which I am absolutely obsessed with, like now I don't know what to do to my hair!). These can be super simple to do with a little of practice, so you might want to start today! I can't believe Christmas is only 14 days away!! 

Christmas Dress Guide

For me Christmas is THE time to wear sequins, sparkles and glitters! Is the perfect occasion to really shine and with that in mind I can go for days searching for sequin dresses all over the internet. They make me happy, I think this is the time we all can have a little help from the glitters, shine and stand out! I gathered 3 of my many favorite sequin dresses! I hope it can give you a little inspiration for the holidays! 

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF.

Hey peeps! It's been quite the ride these past few days but I am not going to get into that. I am here to share with you something I got sent and is the Lee Stafford smoothing spray for NO FRIZZ. Which it was pretty helpful since my hair tends to go frizzy sometimes. Let's strat with the scent, is AMAZING, it has such a powerful perfume, which I love but at the same time I hate, because of all the things I put in my hair I don't want to layer the scents since it will get too much, thats why I only use this when I am not going to anything to my hair except blow dry it and when using a shampoo with almost no scent at all. This thing really works, it leaves my hair frizz-less which is what is made it for lol. 

Christmas Wishlist

Sunglasses : Taylor Morris London / Benefit kit / China Glaze Polishes / Harry Potter Book

Oh my, where did the year go?! I have to admit though that I absolutely LOVE Christmas and a few days later is my birthday which is exciting! For today I am sharing my Christmas wishlist, is not done yet but I hope it may give you ideas on what to buy or ask and also maybe my dad and mom (I know you stalk my blog always, have a better idea on what to give me! In a few days more I will update it since I have to make up my mind on other things! ;) 

LE TOTE surprise!

Hey guys! Sorry for the MIA status but I didn't have my computer until today and now I am finally able to post something! To start, yesterday was thanksgiving and I want to say thank you to all of you that read my blog, it means the world to me! And to give back to you I have amazing news! LE TOTE is letting new members try their first month for FREE! all weekend! Starting Thursday at 12 am PST. There is NO CODE NEEDED for this, isn't it AMAZING!? I love LE TOTE, unfortunately they don't ship to Chile so I can't subscribe BUT I definitely would if I could! 

Sweater Weather Tag

Stash it Saturday : Miami Life!

Miami nights, Miami lights, Miami sunsets, Miami stars, Miami moon, Miami sea, Miami shops, Miami people, Miami sand, Miami life, Miami memories, Miami beach, Miami Magic Nights. 

Most loved coats

Both coats are from ASOS
Coat 1 // Coat 2
 Every time the winter goes and the Summer starts makes me want to buy coats and not because I am a weirdo, because I see all these Europeans wearing AMAZING wintery clothes. How can you not resist a faux fur coat? or this amazing long duster coat?! I love these simple yet super chic and stylish coats are, they are definitely something I would purchase and wear right away, if I didn't have the 32 C degrees here. 

The Farm Company x adidas Originals

Rarely I wear Adidas or Nike clothes if it is not for working out, but this collaboration for adidas has made a huge impact in my life (yeah, that dramatic) I am amazed of how lovely everything is! I love everything, I love the bold colors, the bold prints and still having that comfy factor which is extremely important for me. 

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Office Decor

Lately I've been seeing myself searching all over the web for home decor, specially for office style .. Let's clear this up first, I do not own an office, my bedroom is my office since I have everything I need here, except a little more space, which I know half of the world may complain about that! 
Anyways, I figured why not sharing inspiration for your desk or office with these cute little things to spice up any room you have in your house! Nice candles, pops of color and a nice glass full of flowers is a must for mine! 

New In: Rimmel London Chile

It is no surprise we get everything behind in Chile, but imagine my excitement when Fasa contacted me for this amazing new products Rimmel London Chile has , which I had the luck to try them before in the states. Let me tell you the scandal eyes eye shadow crayon is one of my faves of all time, not only because of its super cool colors! but for the amazing super creamy texture they have! 

Filorga Launch

I got invited to the Filorga launch in my country. For those who don't know what it is, I am here to explain y'all. Filorga is a French brand of anti aging creams and serums and the whole amazing cosmetique (insert that sexy french accent here) from Paris. Yep, AMAZING. They invited us to a lovely event at the NOI hotel, which was lovely! the food was delicious and the products itself were OUTSTANDING! 

October Favorites!

I hope you enjoy my October Favorites :)! 

#SFW Day 3.

Then I got invited for the 3rd and final night of Santiago Fashion Week and it was better than the last one (I mean you can only improve at this point!) Everything was nicely organized, slightly more people but hey, is fashion week and having the memories back from NYFW and experienced this, was another big thing for me!

Santiago Fashion Week Day 2

I went to Santiago Fashion Week. How am I going to tell this story? well... I got invited for the Urbano Design show and first of all, let me tell you how I thought Santiago Fashion Week was going to be. We all know everyone tries to copy everything and sometimes the "copy" is an absolute MESS, but this time, oh my, this time! IT WAS AMAZING, I am so surprised I am saying this! Santiago Fashion Week really step it up to the plate and did a fantastic job! The space was beautiful, big enough and everything was organized beautifully! Of course we are not going to be better than NY Fashion Week, since here is really just starting but for the baby steps I give my props! The people were SUPER nice, I had a great time watching all the shows and some designers were incredible (yes, I didn't know some of them but now I am a huge fan!) Thanks so much to Urbano Design who invited me and I got the first row! #frow. 

November Wishlist

Wow, I really can't believe how fast the year passed by! It is almost Christmas, it is almost summer (here in Chile) it is really almost 2015. But as starting November I wanted to share with you my Wishlist for this month, is a mix between Spring and Fall.. I hope you like it! All the products can be purchased below :) 

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hey peeps! Today I've got a new video of little tips and advice for Halloween, I know last minute, but I bet 80% of you don't have a costume yet lol. 

Inspiration for life.

Alexander Wang x H&M

First of all, forgive me! I didn't photographed my outfit or my makeup and that was a huge mistake since I looked soooo pretty (yes, super humble right there). Anyways I attended the Alexander Wang x H&M event in Chile and I quite liked it, it was fun, edgy and the clothes were pretty, though I have to be honest is not something I would wear on a normal day basis or in a hot country since they were too thick for my taste ( a girl who loves chiffon blouses). Anyways, the music and after party were amazing and I had a great time! 

Top fall Nail Polish!

Urban in the clouds

So I stumbled across this AMAZING dress, which made me fall in love in seconds! I love how simple yet stylish it is, the color is like a hybrid between like a grey with light blue, it makes me think of clouds and being up in the air not worrying about a thing. I think the boots gives it the perfect touch to a more urban outfit and the rest of the accessories are just a must with this outfit! 

Don't stop.

If you can't stop thinking about it. Don't stop working for it. That helped so much over my life and I truly believe in it but still there's something that bothers me about all these sayings that you have to work hard and stuff. I am not a firm believer that you have to work your ass off, cause honestly who wants to work super hard that you can't have a life or a family, or talk to your friends? I am a firm believer that you if you can't stop thinking about it. Don't stop dreaming about it. And work towards your dream at your own pace.

A little piece of my world.

Hey people, today I figure why not showing you my Room Decor and give you some ideas for yours too! Lately I've been all on with my "creative juices" flowing and that's why now I put my pencils and markers on the jars in my desk. Also I have a "moodboard" of all the things I love, is not much of a moodboard to get inspiration, is more of looking at things that I really love and making me feel amazing. 

Gypsy horror Halloween Tutorial

I wanted to do a Pirate tutorial but with the head band it turned out more gypsy and at the end I really liked how it turned out! I hope you love it too !:) 

Lorac pro 2

Let's start like this. I was in Miami and I needed to buy more makeup, like my body and face and my whole self asked for make up and suddenly I was watching "old" youtube videos and decided to buy the lorac pro 2 palette. I cannot be more happy of my purchase! I LOVE this palette, I never thought I had cool undertones until I read a LOT and actually this palette is perfect for that, so it was a win win situation. 

New In: YSL Palette

My mom went to Argentina a couple of days ago and I asked her to please bring me a Chanel lipstick if it was cheaper than here (result, it wasn't) and suddenly she surprised me with this AMAZING palette from YSL! I adore this palette, mainly because I love the lipstick colors, the blush , the brand in itself and the gorgeous package. 

New In: Nike Love

YAHOO! YES, LOVEEEE... those were the words I say when I got them or saw them .. I AM IN LOVE with black and white Nikes and having finally found them is a dream come true. I went with a purpose to the US and said to myself I was going to get monochrome Nikes and I did and I cannot tell you how happy I am now they are in my closet. 

Noir Tease

Hello my beautiful angels ( and no, I just realized it was perfect for the body mist I am showing lol), today I am sharing with you my favorite body mist at the time (which is like a perfume) ! Since I was waiting at the cashier and then saw this beauty I threw it into my bag and got directly in my heart. This is a super nice scent, very sexy but still fresh. Is from Victoria's Secret and it is called Noir Tease

Sweet and Chic

I was just bored and started playing with clothes, online, of course. And came up with this beautiful collage perfect for being chic and a little sweet with an edgy touch! I love this whole outfit and I can see myself wearing it. I love palazzo pants or bell bottom's I feel they are perfect for my body since they make me look even taller, which is not something I need but I like (I am already 5'9). Do you like it ? 

Shop the Look: 

August/September Favorites

Shop the products:

Miami Memories

Since living in Miami for more than a month I can say, it is so my place oh well, let me explain. Lately I've been thinking a lot of the countries and cities I've visited so far.. Let's take it more throwback style. When I was younger I couldn't understand when the teacher would ask the first day of class "Introduce yourself, your name and what you like to do" and there were tons of people that said travel the world. I actually never liked travelling, I thought that is a waste of money and time that you can spend doing so many different things (as buying clothes lol) But with my first travel to Miami, everything changed. I've been wanting to travel the world so much, I want to know the interesting things the globe has to offer, I see myself daydreaming about living in so many different cities that I don't think I even will have a lot of time to do so, if I don't want to live like 2 weeks in a different country. I've been just daydreaming about Paris, London, Miami, New York, LA, Greece, India, Brazil... etc, so many place I want to go .. and so little time.  

Paris Fashion Week

Christian Dior
One of my dreams is going to Paris fashion week, is just more than a show, is a lifestyle I've been living for years now and I think fashion will always be part of my life. Seeing the show on the computer it is more than wanting to buy an expensive piece of fabric, is being in the moment, to watch a real show, it is like a fast pace moving gallery, works of art that designers have been thinking and working for months waiting to be shown to thousands and millions of people that breathe fashion. 

Fall Make up Tutorial

Fall make up tutorial is up for you all! I hope you like it :) 

No more Chipped nails!

Today I am saving your whole entire life, yes, today I feel like a super hero cause I found how to not have chipped nails for more than a week!!!!! and.. it's not GEL!... If you want to know more click the Read more button below..I promise you will love this. 

Bronzed up

Hey guys! So yesterday I filmed a No make up, make up look and this is the end result, I look way more bronze than I really was, I love this super simple make up for fall or summer, is just an easy way to look pull together but being super comfy with your make up! Stay tuned for the video! 

Summer Haul

Hey guys! Today's video is about the things I got when I was in Miami, while it was still Summer *sad face*. Below you can shop the products! 

Miami Panoramic

When I was in Miami I re-discovered (I keep forgetting about it and always "re-discover it") the panoramic option of the iphone! I tried to do it with my tiny camera but didn't find the panoramic option, which I really think it has it but I didn't find it. Anyways, I decided to document these little amazing landscapes and I always seem to do it when I'm on a trip, for me it just transports me back to the place I was, looking everything from a 360º view is just so magical to me. I just love to keep these images in my iphone. 

Milan Fashion Week

Few of my favorites looks from Milan Fashion Week .. I've never realized how amazing is this fashion week and how full of great designers is! I am actually re-thinking of going next year!!! 

Kendall x DVF #NYFW Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on the Make up Kendall looked for the DVF Runway show at New York Fashion Week SS 15' I hope you enjoy it! Below you can purchase the products used on this video :)

La Provence

This is totally what I don't normally do but I needed to share my experience and pictures about this place. AMAZING, that would be the word to describe this place. It is a little artisan café in South Beach on Collins Ave 17 or 16th St (I don't remember very well).


Ok, let me start with an I LOVE IT, the trend for Spring Summer 15' is all about black and white and it is insane how every designer has black and white in their collections, I would say this is the most stated trend all over fashion weeks, like you can be 500% sure black and white is a trend for SS 15'.

The Last Vlog

This is the last vlog I have from Miami Beach.

Chanel Lust

Oh my god, do I need to say more? Probably not, because Chanel can speak for itself. But still I want to share with you my little story. Once up on a time a girl walked in a world full of wonderful things, the place that had all the girl always wanted, the mix between the NOW and THEN... uh, back to reality. So, I went to Bal Harbour shops when I was in Miami (didn't took many pics I know, stupid) and I can say I never enjoyed it as I did this time, I saw everything very calm and with detail and as the story I just told says, it was a world full of wonderful things. Chanel is that brand that is timeless, elegant and super classy with a touch of edgy in some pieces. I've been growing Chanel a lot lately and now I can finally say it is my favorite Couture House, I just would wear everything and every collection Karl gives me I just love it even more than the last one.

The Magic City

The time I had in Miami was truly magical, in this trip I learnt more things about the city and one of them that is definitely a highlight (or maybe one of them) is that they actually call Miami, The Magic City and I cannot agree more! Everything is just so amazing, the lights, the sea, the sky and everything the city has to offer is truly magical. I got to shop there and think about ways of making the blog and youtube more interesting so stay tuned for that. 

Thank you!

Thank you for all the laughs, the love, the beautiful scenery, the perfect weather, the adventures, the freedom I get to feel while I am here... My paradise on earth. 

Miami Beach Vlog #4

Life Update: Paradise on earth.

Hey everyone, today I am going to give you a brief life update. What has happened lately? well, I am in Miami Beach and have been here for over a month now, I love it here and I can call it my home since I've come every single year since 2010. I've been lacking on posts and videos because I am in a hotel, which has very crappy wifi and I am stuck with a tiny laptop that doesn't even have my must have tools (photoshop and video editors).

Oh florals...

Summer is coming to an end (can't believe I'm saying that since when returning to Chile it will be spring, lol). And here I just realized how much floral is becoming the new "leopard print" timeless, appropiate for every ocasion and stylish. I have to say I love florals, it gives me a sense of purity and freshness, oh and remind me of scary bees. But when I went to Forever21 seeing EVERYTHING with floral was a little down... too much for me. 

A peek into it

Hey peeps! I decided that today I would give you a peek into my make up bag. To be quite honest I've shopped way more than these and some are becoming my holygrail products, but for now THESE items here are the ones I am loving at the moment. 

Get Ready With Me : Beach Edition

A virtual date with MALUMA

The new app 'Víctimas de tu Adicción' , where girls will count the 'victims' of their seductive effect, is now available and will let you win a hangout-virtual date with MALUMA. 

New Miami Beach Vlog #3

MALUMA in love?

Once again we are loosing a hot guy! It can't be! Maluma, as usual is melting hearts around with his fans, but is maybe confirmed that this time, he fell in love. And to be honest, no one can give another reason to explain his lack of concentration! 

Something to keep with you

Hey people! So I wanted to share with you this mini set I got from Sephora which I have to say is the most convenient thing if you want to try some new products without paying full price. Go read more for everything ;) ...

A great 3some.

This week it's going to be all about make up I think, I just bought a lot of stuff and some are becoming my holy grail while I'm here. So today I am showing you this great 3some that is now part of my make up routine, since I'm on the beach and there is a lot of humidity, Oh and add that I am white as a ghost, this broner/blush dow has been the life saver! When I want to add some contour and look more "tan" I go inmediately to this pretty one, is by NARS and I promise you won't be dissapointed, it is fabolous! And also, the Revlon lip butter is great to add some color to my face while is mosturizing my lips at the same time!