Hello my beautiful angels ( and no, I just realized it was perfect for the body mist I am showing lol), today I am sharing with you my favorite body mist at the time (which is like a perfume) ! Since I was waiting at the cashier and then saw this beauty I threw it into my bag and got directly in my heart. This is a super nice scent, very sexy but still fresh. Is from Victoria's Secret and it is called Noir Tease
I highly recommend it and I suck at describing scents so I am not even going that way right now! lol. I always love to buy travel size perfumes and all scents, it just gives you the perfect amount to always be changing instead of paying 120 dollars in a whole size perfume and using it non stop until you are so bored with the scent. And by the way sorry for not posting a video today it just didn't went how I wanted to but promise next Monday! 

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