Bakery Love

Finally I am being able to post something from my computer! Oh I missed it like crazy! I think blogging has become part of my life! I cannot wait to share some pics from my European Voyage and I promise they will be here VEEEEERY soon :)! But for now let's talk fashion. 

Paint stain!

Hey people! Just realized I only posted 3 entries in the whole month of August (this is going to change I promise!).

Hey bunnies!

Hey people!!! I've been so MIA because I am just getting the hold of the things since my return from the amazing Europe! I loved every second of it and I cannot wait to share some of my adventures with you! At the moment I cannot download my pictures because my computer just doesn't want to! I don't have a laptop anymore and I really don't know what I am going to do ... I will try my best to start blogging and everything this week! and I can't wait to post in my Travel Diary section!

Quick update !

Stop Bullying Start Loving!

I am still against bullying and people who think they do not deserve to be here in this world! Here is my message to them!