I am still against bullying and people who think they do not deserve to be here in this world! Here is my message to them! 

The picture above cannot be more right! When you are getting teased and bothered, that only means other people is jealous of you, or want to have things like you have! Or even worse, they are such little kids they do not know what to do with their life!

Always act thinking, what would god do, or what I would say when I have kids, just remember you are the only person YOU in this world! You are unique and you are YOU so don't let people be mocking around you and even don't give the pleasure to them, like crying and even suicide! DON'T DO IT! 
You are way better than them !!! Give them YOUR pleasure of laughing at what are they saying to you, to show them you are such a better person than them and that way they objective will not be satisfied!