Knit the story

Chunky knitted sweaters are the best for those cold winter days and even if I am in Summer right now, oh well, spring... These sweaters really steal my heart every single time I see them! 

Let the Holiday BLING!

 This holiday season is all about the sequins! And so many stores are having so many options for you to buy the best that suits your body and your personality! 

Cyber Monday is just around the corner

I know I know I keep apologizing because I haven't been very into blogging this month! But I am here to tell you, is not that you don't already know, but Cyber Monday is TOMORROW! And since I am not living (NOW) in the US the deals on cyber Monday will be AMAZING! 

Be Bold!

Seriously? Could you resist a very bold colorful handbag? I bet you can't! At least I can't! Such a pretty statement and such a fun way to add some spicy thing to your outfit! 

Back from the 90's

 Oh my, oh my! I am seriously in love with these! Such pretty pieces and so Rock and roll chic! I am definitely in to them and you should too! If they are too expensive at your local fashion stores try for some vintage at a thrift store because the 90's were all about denim jackets! 

My experience as a Fashion Designer!

It's been such hectic couple of weeks! School works has my head hanging on a tree but now I can say I am a little bit more relaxed since the fashion show it is only 5 days away! I created a skirt and a top with crazy designs and materials (Something you probably wouldn't wear on your daily basis)

Channeling Chanel

I think Chanel is one of the designer brands that describes the more of luxury and classiness  Yes, more than LV, D&G and more ... I think the brand has a perfectly sense of fashion statement but very elegant and showing some edge in their clothes! I have to say I am just another Chanel lover! 


I've been all in Miami style lately so I decided to post some pretty styles that are a great outfit to wear during super hot days! Miami or wherever in the world! 

Watch some bits.

I am a huge fan of accessories and I love to combine them with different stuff! So this clutch with rings on it is so appealing to my eyes!!! I believe is Alexander McQueen but I am not sure, though I think it is 90% ...

Yeeees baby!

I've been so busy with university and other stuff which I am sooooo excited about... because .... I AM FINALLY MOVING TO MIAMI! So with college stuff I have to prepare everything cause I am leaving in only 4 months! I cannot believe my dream is about to come true and finally I will have a house of my own (or maybe with a roommate)