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Hey dolls! I have the perfect post for today! Cute ideas of shors for this spring!

I am a huge fan of Steve Madden! So I already have a pair of wedges that I love. But for this spring wedges are definitely a HIT! They are super comfy and stylish! Plus if you are really tiny but don't want to show like an enormous heel the espadrille wedges are your thing! Here are some picks Cheap, Fashionable and Comfy!!!

Yellow like the sun.

Yellow made a huge impact in Fashion Week, and I've never been a fan of this color, really caught my eye. I cannot say that now I love it but it definitely got me a little.

Outfit of the Day "Cold enough"

I tried my best so get a good full body shot, but I think it wasn't what I wanted ... Anyways My second Outfit of the day! I've been seen myself lots of times going to shoot OOTD, but then I get home and throw on my pj's! Enjoy!

Street Blue Style.

This picture is always the first to pop out when I open my street style folder, and I decided why not do a sketch of it? I just love it!

Skin Care Routine !

Have you guys seen my latest video? It is all about my foundation routine, the products that I've used, I use now and the ones that I throw away! Love to hear some feedback! 

Round up of the latest posts!

Color blocking made a huge impact this past season and it is ready for another one, as well a lot of trends that have been this past 2 years, there is no reason not to wear them anymore. I am doing a round up what I lately have been talking about! 

Can't wait for Miami !

Sorry I had to post it, I seriously can't wait to go on vacation! I haven't see the sea at all this year, I can't wait to go back to Miami and who knows... maybe Brazil could wait me earlier this year ! but Miami for sure!! 

Hair Ideas for the Summer!

I wanted to do a post about something that I Regularly wouldn't do. Here are my best picks for Summer Hair Trends! I just love them all and I have to say,I've been trying a lot of them lately! 

Take a moment.


We never take the enough moment to realize how beautiful and useful details can be, weather it is a little bead or a great gigantic piece. We have to take in consideration, little details can do great things! 

Pastel sweet inspiration.


This season, the huge impact, PASTEL COLORS. Yes I was the kind of person that found them boring, but now I am getting use to them and loving them so far! They are a nice way to be feminine but still super casual and stylish.

Neon Street Style.

So as you of course know, another style street is here! hahaha. And what I loved about this outfit is the great orange blazer. 

Official Outfit of the day "Romeo and Juliet"

Don't ask why the name Romeo&Juliet, but I have the feeling the blouse is so Juliet style! It was a great find!

Trend Post!

Spring is coming (for you! because fall is already around the corner in my country hahaha) And the 3 greatest fashion trends that are going to be a hit are, whites,tribal and flowers... yes, flowers are still in town and I am pretty sure they will stay for good. 

BLAC time.

 OK, so I really don't remember how it all started but a random day I got the twitter of Clayton Johnson and found him really cute.. (what can I SAY!?!) and then he tweeted something about BLAC.

Bohemme !

Bohemme Brand is from Spain! And they want to introduce you to their new collection called Colors. 

Create me...

I am so in love with burgundy lately ...

Street Style

I was thinking of doing a different post, and now that I am studying Fashion Design I figured out why not posting some sketches about pictures I see on the web! 

The Style Stash HQ!

It is not a surprise that The Style Stash headquarters is my home actually and I am its boss... Well, it is my blog so what can I say? I wanted to share this pics to see a little of what involves blogging for!

Go with the flow.

Pin It

Summer is around the corner for the most of you. And since I am in summer right now I cannot explain how much I love easy breezy shirts, dresses, shorts or skirts! 

Buenos Aires Fashion Week with Natura!

Earlier this week I got an email from the Natura team and their work in BAF, for those who doesn't know what that means, it is Buenos Aires Fashion Week.


Trend Post!

I love color blocking and I am sure you guys love it too! I put all of these things together and I adore them, I wish I could have them but anyways here are some sets with color blocking trend! Let's have fun with colors!

Teapot - Ethical Emi.

Hello people! So I got the chance to do a post about Ethical Emi, is a fashion jewelry store and I was so pleased that they wanted to work with me!

Blue all the way!

A great trend for this season are colors, and you know which color is really taking off lately?If you thought about blue, you are right.

Lace & Bows

I am a huge fan of blouses because they are a perfect way to look different but still very comfortable. My current obsession is this kind of blouses, lace & bows! I actually asked my mom if she could make me some blouses with bows and she did! isn't she amazing? 

Model Spotlight - Lindsey Wixson

She is far from unknown model, in just like 3 years she already become a super model! she has walked a lot of runway shows despite her weird features, but pretty still! It is THAT thing people is looking for, not the typical faces! 

Heels synonym of Comfy?

It is time that you put your heels on and feel comfortable! I know that is impossible in some shoes, but I got a little secret... actually not that of a secret because many people know it already. 

Kim K.

Isn't this so cool? I stole this 12 Most requested celeb hairstyles from coast to coast from elleandblair and look what I saw! Kim Kardashian the most requested of Miami ... One of my fave celebs and my fave place in the entire world... is this a coincidence? I think not... gotta move out NOW!

Yellow, Tribal, Neon, Memories...

I got so caught up with these neon/ tribal trend. What I am seriously looking for is a statement piece for my closet, just like a skirt, bangle, clutch or even a blouse in a pure neon yellow! I am in love!

Trend Post!

I was in the mood of making something different so I was planning on doing some editorial pictures, and since I am still learning how to put all of this together and I wanted to share my first Trend Editorial Post! I soon will be doing a giveaway to help me name this kind of post! Be prepared of what's going to be! 

YSL Pumps

I've always been in love with these shoes! YSL were my must for a long time and actually whenever I saw a celebrity wearing these I was like OH MY GOD I NEED THEM !!! And when Christian Louboutin appeared with the amazing platform pumps I totally forgot about these! 

Model Spotlight - Jourdan Dunn

 I was a little bit tired of the VS models, so I decided to  look for more models, and I found Jourdan Dunn, a black model from London , England. And I found out that she was the first black model to walk Prada runway in over a decade! Awesome right?