We never take the enough moment to realize how beautiful and useful details can be, weather it is a little bead or a great gigantic piece. We have to take in consideration, little details can do great things! 

Gold, accents

Prints are great thing, but when you sometimes can almost see them (little detail) they can make a huge difference, they can make you say I WANT THAT ... oh well anything designer and beautiful makes me say that, but you know my point. 


Big details can also make difference, but I just have to say, it is a lot about details! Colors, beads, shapes, chromatic combos, odd things and eccentric accents. Remember to always have a balance in things, you don't want too much detailing or too little. Found the balance, the color and what you love... I guarantee you will feel AH-mazing ! 

lace, neutral

heels, booties


Birkin bag

Red, accents

Aqua trend

studded heels