Back to School makeup!

I hope you like this easy and very natural makeup perfect for school! When I was at school I couldn't wear a lot of makeup like lipstick or bronzer and stuff like that so I kept it very natural! 

Parisian Chic book

 This is not what I normally go for but I thought it needed to be addressed. Today I am giving you recommendations on a personal favorite book I bought when I was in Paris. the book is called Parisian Chic by Ines De la Fressange, if you love fashion as much as I do this book is totally for you. 

Countryside memories

This was on the weekend, where we went to my uncle's house which is in the "countryside" it's not actually in the countryside but it is like 30 minutes away from the city so I love to disconnect for just one day and enjoy mother nature. My style is definitely more comfy like but when I do want to dress up I go all out, that's why you haven't seen so many glamed up looks. 

Best and Worst Dressed from the Festival of Viña del Mar.

H&M Studio Collection

The other day I attended the H&M Showroom for their newest collection the H&M Studio Collection 2015. It reminisces of Miami and the relaxed vibe still having that sporty chic trend going on. I have to say I liked the collection, there were some cute pieces I would love to get my hands on. You can check out what I wore on that day here.

Best Dressed The Academy Awards 2015.

Saint Laurent / Tom Ford/ Givenchy / Saint Laurent 

The Oscars to finalize this award season. Ok, let's start, I am not going to focus on the negatives just the positives! There were quite a lot of good dresses, less amazing dresses and certainly not too many WOW dresses. I feel that in this award season the gowns haven't been showstoppers, I mean they are amazing and super beautiful but not killer ones.

Everything I love

beauty blog usa, beauty blog

Let's be honest, not every day you dress with everything that you love and when you do it is time to take out the camera and pop some pictures, in my case I have to upload them to my blog! I was eyeing a hoodie just like this shirt when I was in Miami but as soon as I put a step at F21 I was sold, this shirt was going home with me and I am so glad I bought it, it is such a cute basic to have, I can wear it with almost everything and is definitely more fun than just a plain black shirt. 

Vacation withdrawals

Hey guys! As you may know I was at the beach for a good relaxing week, so I am still trying to get into the work vibes. That's why I wore a super comfy outfit yesterday for a showing at the H&M Showroom to see their new Studio Collection, this is what I wore and to be honest it was absolutely perfect, comfortable yet pull together, just how I like it and just how Anna Wintour would hate it lol (Did you know she hates all black everything!? ) at least Rachel Zoe would love it (thank god!). 

Notes of an edge.

Lately there's been happening something in my head, I've been truly investigating the different styles there are for fashion and what I would go for in a certain period of time.
In terms of fashion I am a very influenceable person, I can watch a movie about Paris and then I want to dress up with flats, mini skirts and striped shirts and then I see Kylie Jenner in her leather pants and I want to be all about that Rihanna's edge.


Hey guys! I'm at the beach right now and my internet's phone has not been my best friend! My blog will be back on full track this Wednesday so check back then!!! Lots of kisses!!!!!

Beyonce Hairstyle

Paris Haute Couture

Maison Martin Margiela / Ellie Saab /Atelier Versace / AV / ES / MMM
I think haute couture was one of the first things I really learnt about fashion, thanks to my mom I also know how to pronounce it and since then I've always been super eyed (that even makes sense!?) into Couture fashion weeks. This year was no exception, but what you might notice is no Chanel here, since I couldn't decide if I hated it or I loved it. Though the making off on their Youtube Channel is AMAZING.

Valentine's Day Wishlist

Lipstick: NYX Matte- Shy // Mascara: Max Factor //  Sunglasses: MintyJungle // Clutch: GoJane // Ring: Tiffany & Co. // Nail Polish: Essie  // Blush: Forever21 // Shoes: Nelly // 
Perfume: L'Occitane // Coat: New Look // Top: French Connection // Skirt: River Island

Valentine's Day makeup tutorial!

Mini love

I am tall, a big person, I love big things, I require a lot of space and I struggle on planes but let me tell you something! when it comes to sample size things or travel size I am ALL FOR IT! I love me some good travel size things and today I will share what I recently got (recently!? one month after my birthday so it is like what I got a month and a half ago lol) I was just going to pick up my Sephora birthday gift (oh yes I am also a sucker for free thins) and when I saw it was a 2 piece set lipstick from NARS I was sold, so I decided to invest in some things with my bday gift and all I found was travel size things, mini things, things that I love, that actually were free except from the OCC set.

Makeup brushes Haul!

Valentine's Day decor

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays, not that I have someone special to celebrate it with,  #stoyrofmylife lol and not because of all the pink, oh yeah is highly because of that, but I promise when I was younger I hated pink, now that's a whole different story. I gathered around some of my favorite Pins on Pinterest (you can follow me here) of some pretty Valentine's decoration. 

How to find your style icon

Ok, this is something that I've been struggling to find myself these days, I don't remember when or what made me think about what my 'fashion icons' were but I'm here and have no clue. Well,  I did remember that my fashion icons were the Kardashians sisters and Kate Middleton, two very different people on the spectrum, but I want to find someone who I can really relate all my life, like I can say, YES I love her and I would dress myself like that all my life until I'm 100 years old, yes I do plan to live a lot of years.

Valentine's Day nails

New In : Kat Von D lipstick

Time to talk about beauty, so first let me put this in the clear side.. I love black and bold colors look great on me! That's why my New In is the Kat Von D lipstick studded kiss in SLAYER. This is a black lipstick. WOW. shocker. I know.