Saint Laurent / Tom Ford/ Givenchy / Saint Laurent 

The Oscars to finalize this award season. Ok, let's start, I am not going to focus on the negatives just the positives! There were quite a lot of good dresses, less amazing dresses and certainly not too many WOW dresses. I feel that in this award season the gowns haven't been showstoppers, I mean they are amazing and super beautiful but not killer ones.

The Glamour
So my best dresses are the ones above, can we take a moment if not a year to admire how amazing Rosamund Pike looks!? I mean, aghh what can I say really? This is fashion people! She is wearing Givenchy.
The red dress, with the texture, the neckline which is extremely hard to pull off in that graceful way! She looks absolutely exquisite. 

The Simplicity
Next one is Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent, also in red with a silver detail on the shoulder. I am not the biggest fan of this dress because I think it doesn't fit her well enough in her hips area but the hair and the overall look is totally a hit. This look is definitely all about the simplicity, a nice ponytail, almost no jewelry and very minimal makeup.

The Movie star
Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford,  is looking amazing, glowing like a true Hollywood movie star. For me this dress describes my personal style perfectly, classic, elegant, monochrome and taking it a few decades back. The white color is one if not the hardest color to wear because it enhances everything, the good and the bad included, but she is looking stunning! 

The edgy 
Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent, is looking as fierce as in the Wolf of Wallstreet even better. I absolutely adore this dress and it definitely gives her a foxy yet classy look. It has such an edge, maybe because of the color and the jewelry piece, that FYI it was created by a Windsor princess in the 30's (if I heard that well, correct me the year if I'm wrong). I love that the neckline looks chic and the super straight hair suits her so well.