NYC living

Hi people! Sorry for the lack of posts this month but I was extremly busy with everything that had to do with my move. If you don't know what I am talking about is I moved to New York City!!!!! Isn't that crazy and exciting? 

Off to New York City!

Ok, I can now finally disclose it. I will be moving to New York City!!!! I had that as a secret for the longest time ever! But I finally have everything ready and I seriously cannot wait. That is why I have been so MIA from the blog and also Tumblr has a lot to do with it. I've been surfing over Tumblr all day long. If I am not doing things for NYC I am on tumblr, for sure. I've been a member since it wasn't the famous social media web that it is now but it is as amazing as it was years before! So go and check mine out if you want some inspiration! It is just the greatest source of it EVER. I will do a full blog post and video on my New York experience very soon so stay tuned! 

Statement Necklaces

I have an addiction with necklaces and it started when I bought my first statement one in Zara. Well I might have bought several ones before that, but I don't remember how they were and I don't it means I didn't love them at all. This Zara necklace was kind of a milestone for me since I bought it the first time I went to New York, my first fashion week and my first ever trip I did by myself, so it really holds a special place in my heart.

Store Re-Launching + promo code!

I've kept this as a secret for over a month and a half maybe and it is time to the BIG REVEAL! I am launching all over again my online store Styling Scrapbooks. I am re-launching it with my mom this time and we decided it is going to be an Accessories and Scrapbooking supplies store! We both are very into scrapbooking and I feel so relaxed and happy when I scrapbook my travels and memories! 

MET Gala #ChinaLookingGlass

This year's theme? China through the looking glass, but to keep it easy for you, Chinese. Aaaand let me tell you, I adored a looot of dresses so to put them down to 4 was hard. Let's start on how amazeballs Jennifer Lawrence looks! the details of the flowers that FYI goes down to the back is amazing, it is just so classy and elegant, with a silhouette that is definitely worth the envy! What can I say honestly? In this case images is worth a thousand words (or even more!)

Spring Awaits

I used to not like flowers, like at all, I thought it was such a waste of money cause they last almost 0 days and I was just, this is a waste of money, why people would like to receive/give flowers? And now, seeing Pinterest and other inspirational websites, I am all about the florals, I LOVE them, I would love to have a garden full of flowers so if one dies another 10 are blossoming! One day when I have my own house I will plant tons of different types! Are you excited about spring as I am ?!? I love this season and I cannot wait to live it in one of the amazing cities of this world!!! Stay tuned...