This year's theme? China through the looking glass, but to keep it easy for you, Chinese. Aaaand let me tell you, I adored a looot of dresses so to put them down to 4 was hard. Let's start on how amazeballs Jennifer Lawrence looks! the details of the flowers that FYI goes down to the back is amazing, it is just so classy and elegant, with a silhouette that is definitely worth the envy! What can I say honestly? In this case images is worth a thousand words (or even more!)

Then we got Poppy, and what attracted me to this look was the top part, I don't know why but lately I've been loving this weird edgy fashion and I adore the detail of the flowers (is it me or they are poppies? I don't know) but the detail is just so exquisite and it definitely reminds me of China. A dress with such volume at the front is definitely for girls with a smaller bust since it will draw the attention to that part of the body. Amandaaaa ! heellll Amanda! She looks stunning, she is my definition of elegance, though I hate that weird slit at the front of the dress but her makeup was FLAWLESS and the detail of the dress is just too much to handle, is just too pretty and elegant, it definitely reminds me of nice Orchids.

Kendall Jenner, OH MY GAWSH, this is a dress worth a million dollars! The side boob looks amazing, I mean for a model like that sure it will look amazing and demure. I love how she kept her hair super simple with the middle part (which is great if you want to look with a thinner face) The color of the dress is definitely different from what I normally like but this whole look is AMAZING. I mean for something all of these are my Best dressed. 

AND, I have to say, I might be the only person on earth that hates SJP, BUT I have to say, the head piece was SO cool and edgy and great and I don't know what word to put, I mean it was exquisite, so classy and at the same time avant garde!