Hi people! Sorry for the lack of posts this month but I was extremly busy with everything that had to do with my move. If you don't know what I am talking about is I moved to New York City!!!!! Isn't that crazy and exciting? 
Since I just moved last Monday and my classes already started I haven't had the time to buy necessary stuff or to wonder in the city too much ( of course I already did a little shopping but still) I have to sort out everything so don't expect too much from me this week. Still I have a couple of posts prepared for you so you can enjoy and feel like you are in New York City with me! (Isn't that so exciting?!?). Can you believe the views of the city? I was at a friend's house and this was her view... Awesome huh?
I will be doing a post of living in NYC soon, in the mean time I hope you enjoy these pics! If you want to see more go follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, both @THESTYLESTASH.